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Operation Sand

Operation Sand was formed by a group of individuals who are concerned about the harmful effects that a silica sand mine would have on Ste. Genevieve County. We know this mine would be detrimental to the area. It is necessary to stop this mine before it begins, and we are dedicated to doing just that. 

There are many concerns that the public should be made aware of. The company proposing this mine should have considered these issues before choosing this location. You can find more about these concerns and issues here

We believe that our resources, health, safety, environment, nearby natural areas, and beautiful landscape should not be sacrificed for the short-term gain of any company.

Our elected officials, including both the county commissioners and the health board, have taken our concerns very seriously. Recently all of these officials have signed a county health ordinance that imposes set back distances for silica sand mining activities near public areas, residences, and waterways. You can find a copy of the health ordnance Here

You can find some frequently asked questions about the health ordinance down below. 


With the help of our members and allies, we will protect our community and keep it beautiful and safe for its' residents and visitors. 

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